Monday, March 20, 2017

Nothing is safe in my house!

And i think that with this post my husband would agree with me!

Absolutely NOTHING is safe in my house....from being Scrapbooked or used as a Scrapbooking Prop! lol

What did i use this time?

A muffin.

For my most recent project for My Scrap Chick I knew exactly what i wanted to do!  Well....almost.  I originally wanted to make a basket for a Cupcake.  A Spring Cupcake.  A pretty yellow frosted Spring Cupcake.  But then reality set it....what if the icing started to melt. And then what if the icing decided to get all over my paper before i took a photo of it?  So i re-evaluated and decided to create a "Spring Muffin Basket".

Here's what i came up with:

Please note:  No muffins were harmed in the creating process. And as a matter of fact the muffin in question has been securely placed back into the oven where it was "hiding".  Or in other husband can enjoy the muffin now.  :-)

Here's a photo to prove that there is a muffin in there....

This project is super easy to recreate!  And you can customize it for any occasion...Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, Easter...countless other occasions! Just change the colors add in another accessory like a Christmas Tree, Easter Bunny whatever...add a Banner and voila!  A Super Cute little gift!  

Here are the files that i used  My Scrap Chick: (just click on the file title and it will take you right there!) 

Flower Combo

Botanical Branches

I hope you enjoyed my project!  And I hope that it may have inspired your to create your own little treat basket!

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Lisa Barnett said...

Love this! You have made me want to explore using svg files from My Scrap Chick! I'm glad the muffin survived! Lol!

Anonymous said...

Love your spring treat holder, but I noticed I kept going to the photo showing what's inside. Hmmm, so nummy looking. Such a neat way to present a gift muffin too! Thank you Jill, we're really loving your projects. :)

Sarah Nancarrow said...

Absolutely beautiful! Awesome way to use all the different svg files.