Monday, April 10, 2017

Happy Easter!

There are times when the projects you create just bring a smile to your face!  

And this is one of those times :-) 

I've been wanting to create something with these little house boxes and i finally had the chance! 

I know that creating a Bunny Village isn't a NEW idea.  And that's okay!  But i wanted to create one just for me, in colors that i wanted it to be made in. Green,  Brown, Pink (of course) with a hint of Blue and Yellow. 

(list and links to files used are all down below) 

 When i was putting the Country Village Tall House Box together i thought "wouldn't it be really cute to have a bunny peeking through the window?  I thought it would!  So for the first house that I made I had a little bunny peeking through one side of the window. 

 And then I thought again to myself as i was making the Country Village House Box..."wouldn't it be cute if I had another bunny looking out the window again" and I answered to myself "of course it would!"  But he had to look out of the window straight on, as if he was looking straight at you". 

And then when i was making the third Country Village Small House Box I knew what i had to do.  I HAD to have a third bunny peeking out the window at an angle as if he was say "hey bunny peeps!  What's up?" 

As you probably noticed the Country Village House Boxes are not the only files i used.  As i noted above here is a complete list of files used as well as the direct links to those, so that you can make a Bunny Village too! 

Country Village Small House Box

As i was writing my Blog Post i was thinking, "These files can be used to create ANY kind of Village".  Christmas, Halloween, Birthday, there are SO Many you could make!  Just like my Monthly Box idea these can be customized for ANY Holiday! Do you get the feeling that you will be seeing thse files again?  The Answer:  Definitely!

Until Next Time...Happy Creating!  


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Valerie said...

Love your Easter village.