Thursday, April 20, 2017


Happy Thursday!  

Time for me to share another project for My Scrap Chick! 

Whenever I go through the files at My Scrap Chick and try to decide on a project to create, I always look at files that i can change.  Even if it's only the color combination. 
I also look to see what files i can combine with others. even if it's only borrowing one item from that file.

This time I made a card...I know...I usually don't make cards.  
But I though i'd give it a try this time around. 

And for this card i decided to use the Haunted House Easel Card

I know what you're thinking...Haunted House?'s not Halloween...It's not October.
It's April..and we just celebrated Easter. 

"What ARE you thinking!!!"

Well what I was thinking was...
"I wonder what that Haunted House would look like in 
Spring Colors?"

So I made it.

But of course i didn't just use the Haunted House Easel Card File. Like is said earlier, I combine different parts of files that I think would coordinate with each other.  I've included a complete list of which files I used down below, as well as direct links to those files.  I hope your like my card! daughter thinks I should add some glitter to it.  Which I probably will, but glitter doesn't photograph very well :-)

Happy Creating! 


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