Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thank You Jeanne!

I just got my mail today and in the mailbox was a package for me. Last week on one of my Yahoo message boards there was a RAK (Random Act Of Kindness) that one poster was giving to one Creative Escape Attendee that did not get to go on the Bazzill Warehouse Tour. I REALLY wanted to go on that tour but my travel arrangements were changed. So, I didn't get to go! But Jeanne got to go! AND she bought an extra BAZZILL BLING T-Shirt that she was giving away as a RAK to the first person who emailed her their mailing address. I gave it a shot, and I won! So fast forward to today. I'm driving by my mailbox reach in and pull out the mail. I drive around back and go into my house. I walk into my scrapbook room, sit down and open the package. It was a manilla envelope. I knew what was in the envelope. But it was the little note that she had written that brought tears to my eyes. What did it say? It said simply, Happy Birthday Jill!!! Hugs! Jeanne.

So Why am I crying about this? Well, read below at the post previous to this one and you'll understand.

You see also, my "Special Day" for tomorrow isn't turning out like it should be already! Someone is changing my plans because he wants to have lunch with me, since he can't have dinner with me...that person is my husband. Uggh....I was going to go to a movie, but nope. I have to go and have lunch. It's supposed to be my day isn't it? It also looks like I won't be getting a manicure or pedicure either. The funds aren't there. I might just pack up my stuff and go scrapbook all day. I refuse to just sit here, doing nothing. Oh, and why can't dh have dinner with me? Because he has to help a friend out. It's my own fault I guess, I should have told him "No, I want you to have dinner with me." But I didn't. Why? Well, because he was helping out a friend, and you have to help out friends whenever you can! To make matters even worse! Grey's Anatomy's Season Premiere is tomorrow night!!! And I won't even be able to see that! Why? Well, because I'll be at a friend's Pampered Chef Party. (But I heard that there will be another airing of GA on Friday night, SO I'm all set to watch it then!

I had my plans all set and now they aren't set. They've all changed, and I'm not really happy about it! What I can do is MAKE THE MOST OF IT! I can have lunch with my dh, and dinner with my daughter. I can go to the Scrapbook Store and buy those stamps that I wanted to get! (charge card of course!) I'll tell my husband that they were his present! Yeah, that'll work!

But I will be happy, because it's my birthday and I am making the most of turning 22 again!


FurOaks said...

Jill, I'm even happier now that I was able to cheer you up a bit! Just wish I had thought to throw in some more BDay goodies! I'm singing 'Happy Birthday to Jill...lll' right now, and you should be glad you can't hear me!

HUGS galore! Jeanne

Heather said...

Sounds like Jeanne is a great gal! Glad you got the shirt.

Happy Birthday Jill!!