Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ten Things I Love!

Just thought I would a write a ten things I love post!

10. I LOVE my car. Yes, I love my car! It's cute and blue, and sporty and has a little zip to it! It has a sunroof in it, and heated seats so in the winter if I'm a little chilly all I have to do is turn on the heater for the seat.

9. I LOVE my MP3 Player. Yes I DO!!! I can put on the earphones and be in Music heaven. Only problem is I don't know how to download songs to it yet...but I'll learn!

8. I LOVE watching TV with my kitty cats. Every night, or those nights when I sit and watch tv for a bit, my cats come and sit with me. It's like mommy time for them. And I try not to disturb them too much.

7. I LOVE My new washing machine. We just got it yesterday, it's a Duet from Whirlpool, totally cool machine, and dh likes to use it too, so far!

6. I LOVE my scrapbook room! Because it's the one room in the house that I can close the door and noone opens it unless they really need me!

5. I LOVE Fall! Yes! It's the beginning of cooler weather which means boots, and jeans and sweaters and scarves. I LOVE the winter too!

4. I LOVE snow. I know, Snow? in Texas? Well yes. It snows here once in awhile. Usually in February. But I love snow. It reminds me of when I was growing up in New Jersey, of when we would make ice forts and have snowball fights.

3. I LOVE contacts. (lol). My husband laughs at me for this one, because I hate wearing my glasses...he says I look cute in them, but then he doesn't like me to wear that much makeup, so what does he know! (lol).

2. I LOVE my friends. Yes, you guys I do love you all! (Chiara, Cindy, Kim, Kristin, Patty, Lauren, this means you!!!)

1. And above everything else I love my husband and my daughter. They don't need to buy me flowers, or gifts, or anything like that to show me that they love me. They show it in their actions, and the way they help me do things. Flowers are not needed at all (also, they just die and are a waste of money IMHO).

So that's it, my list of top ten things that I love...I probably could have done more, but ten was a good number!

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Chiara said...

I love you too honey and you were in my thoughts all morning.