Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Creative Escape Clock!

This I think was one of my favorite projects!

Who am I kidding, I actually loved ALL of the projects, but you know, I really do love my clock!

I used a picture of the Eiffel Tower on mine because my husband and I went on a trip to Paris in 2000. Paris is a place that I really, really, really wanted to visit and well it just holds some special memories for me! So what better to remind me of those memories than a picture in my clock!

I'm going to finish up some of the other projects and post those as soon as they are done!


Chiara said...

this totally rocks and the clock is one of my favorite projects too.

Trinka said...

Jill...Love the clock!

Kim said...

Very Cool, I still have to finish mine!

frazzledmom said...

That is too gorgeous! I haven't done a clock yet - just added it to my list of projects.

Diana said...

Very, very nice!!

Cath said...