Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's been awhile....

Since I've come to post on here and I realize that. I've been busy this month with other commitments. The biggest one is going to the gym. I've been going every morning (okay, don't count the one that I sat in the car listening to the radio, and not going in!) and sometimes at night too, yes twice in a day! I have a little routine that I am getting in to and I'm trying to make it a habit to follow! You know what they say, it takes three weeks to get a habit to stick so I'm almost there!

One of the things that I did this past month was do demo's for a FiberScraps! I LOVE FiberScraps and I love demoing for them! I have only demoed at two shows for them, but I think I really like it! The first show that I did was the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This show was in August. I was TOTALLY scared of doing this and to tell you the truth, I didn't know if I "could" do it! I remember leaving my house that Wednesday morning to drive up to Tulsa and I was giving my husband a hug goodbye. He saw a scared look on my face and asked me what was wrong. I told him that I was scared of what I was going to do - demoing! He told me that I would be great at it and that he totally believed in me! I was really scared to go to the Convention but I knew it was something that I had to do! I got to Tulsa, helped set up the booth, did demos, laughed with people, talked with people and I had a WONDERFUL time! But that wasn't the convention that was in October was it! I really get side-tracked don't I!

The Convention that I went to this month was in Austin, Texas! Four hours south of me and luckily I got to stop at the Czech Stop on the way down. The Czech Stop is a little store that sells the yummiest Kolaches and Danishes! It's manditory to stop there whenenver I'm going down that way! I even thought of just driving there this past weekend! Back to Austin! I was more aware of what was expected of me at the Austin Show. I helped set up, I did demos, I showed people product and this time I even work the cash register which just totally scared me to work! And then I helped tear down the booth. Again I had a fabulous time and I can't wait to do it again!

Speaking of FiberScraps I'm going to post one of the projects that I have done for them so that you can see the wonderrful products that they have! The coaster is from Bazzill! LOVE BAZZILL! The first thing that I did was paint the Chipboard White with Acrylic Paint then I used the FiberScraps EZ Walnut Tintz in Lime and tinted the white paint. I used a strip of the FiberScraps paper and placed in horizontally in the middle of the chipboard and then used a flower stamp, applied the lime Tintz to it and stamped on the chipboard. On a separate piece of paper I stamped the flower and then cute out the center of the flowers that were stamped. I cut those centers out and then placed them on the stamped images that had been previosuly stamped onto the chipboard. I stamped one flower on an off white cardstock and then cute it out. I created a stem out of the FiberScraps Fibers and then attached the flower to that. Then added the center of the flower and put diamond glaze on it. I lightly sanded the letter stickers also from FiberScraps and then applied those to the coaster also. Then I used a FiberScraps tag and placed a flower that I made from Shrink Plastic and also put the Lime Tintz on those, I added some ribbon that I hand tinted with the Lime Tintz, tied the bow and I was done!

The owner of FiberScraps is really nice and she's really fun to hang around with too! When we found out that we were going to Austin she said that we would have to go and see the bats. Bats? Yes, bats. Austin has a bridge that is the home to a LOT of bats...I'm not sure of exact numbers here but here's a link for you to see what I'm talking about. http://austin.about.com/cs/bats/p/bats.htm. One of the restaurants that we went to was called "Threadgills" which is where we had Fried Green Tomatoes. Now, I didn't really want to try these. I mean "Fried Green Tomatoes"? Yes...that's what I said...well, to tell you the truth, they were YUMMY! And I would have loved to of had them again! Here is a link to Threadgills in case you are ever in the Austin area and want to go there: http://www.threadgills.com/

What else has happened in October? Well, it's Halloween, so I participated in a Secret Sister Swap on Two Peas In A Bucket. I had SO much fun teasing my secret sister! I just hope that she liked what I sent to her. I was going to make this really cute little album but I wasn't sure if she would have liked it so I decided to send product instead! Last night was our reveal party and I came in "costume" as someone else. But in the end I told her who I was.

Well, that's about it for now...It's Halloween Night, October 31 and I have to get dd ready to go Trick or Treating! I'm going to take her around to the houses and the husband is going to hand out the candy. I'm looking at the walking as if it were excercising! Hope everyone has a great night! And eat some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for me!


Chiara said...

yeah you updated love the project and so proud of you going to the gym

Trinka said...

Great job Jill...Keep up the great work. I have too been working out since this summer and have lost 10 lbs. and inches. Here is a great site I go to and log in my exercize, water intake and food everyday. Love your work!

Trinka said...

Sorry...dummy me forgot to give you the site.