Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday I attended a scrapbooking event for Relay For Life. A friend of mine organized this crop and I had a wonderful time! I didn't go by myself. I was joined by four friends! It's always nice to scrapbook with friends! I managed to get five pages completed, two cards and almost completed a mini book project that I had been wanting to work on. I LOVE all day crops!

I've been doing a lot of cleaning around the house lately. I figure if the house is clean, then everyone is happy. And, if everyone is happy then I get to scrapbook. So, I've been trying to keep the house tidy as much as possible so that I can do just that! And this week I have high hopes for getting some major scrapbooking done! I just want to sit with the music on and scrapbook just for me. No pages calls, no contests, no Design Team work. Just scrapbook for the fun of it. And that is the best type of scrapbooking there is. Mainly because scrapbooking is supposed to be fun!

I bought myself two new toys today (okay, really three!). I finally bought myself a Cricut. M's was having a sale on them and for only $139.00 I am now the proud new owner of one. Now, if I could just get my house clean so that I can sit down and use it! The second new toy is the Xyron Design Runner. I had a 50% off coupon for M's and well, it was there, and so was I. Now I am home and so is it! The third toy I bought myself isn't really a toy, just an accessory for the Cricut. I bought a second font so that I could have a little bit of a variety. I didn't want to have just one font, so I bought it. And you know, I never really buy myself anything like these things and it feels really good!

Now if I can finish getting the house tidy to use them...

Have a great Sunday! I'm off to clean!

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Debbie said...

Hi Jill! I too bought a Cricut yesterday! I like your blog and hope that we will become friends. So far I don't know anyone here, so a scrapbooking friend would be awesome! I am home during the day too.

Debbie (At the other end of the table at CFTC!)