Monday, April 02, 2007

My Flower Pot

I've had this project in my head for awhile and well I finally decided to do it last week. It's what I call "My Flower Pot". It's the perfect garden! You don't need to water the flowers, put them in the sun and the flowers will never die!

Hope you enjoy looking at it! All the beads were designed and hand made by me! The beads were meant for another project, but they matched the colors that I wanted to use on the pot so well that I used them for this project. Hope the girls at Creative Escape understand! Yes, that is what the beads were for. I'm in a Charm Swap for Creative Escape and I had all of my charms finished, and well my mind wandered and I decided to use them on this....guess I better get started making the charms again....only 66 to make (so far!) It shouldn't take me too long!

I love the colors I used on the pot. They just look pretty to me! And if the sun shines on it, it has this little glow to it...And a plus is that my room is going to match my pot...once I get it painted. (July)

Hope everyone has a Happy Monday! Tomorrow I'm going to post another project that I made for my scrapbook room...and I think that this one is super pretty! (at least to me!!!)


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Chiara said...

absolutely gorgeous. pot. As for your blog banner question I usually handmake mine and then scan and post it not sure how blogger works