Thursday, May 08, 2008


Yes, that is what just happened. I had this thought and i decided to update my blog! I knew it had been awhile since I had made a visit and well, I thought I better update and get things going again!

What has happened since February? Should I say nothing? Or Something? February seems like it was so long ago. In February I entered Hall of Fame. Yes, I was one of those that completed their ten layouts and sent them in. I was one of those that secretly hoped to receive a phone call for Creating Keepsakes telling me that I was one of the newest members of the elite called a Hall of Famer! Did I get a phone call? Nope. Am I upset? Nope. Am I going to enter again? Maybe! You just never know what they are looking for and that was what I kept telling myself. They just weren't looking for what I had sent them, so I'm over it.

In February we also celebrated my daughter's 13th Birthday! Yes, she is now 13 years old. And well, if tonight is any indication of what it's going to be like around my house then I think I'm going to lock myself in my room every once in awhile! (you hear that mom?) For Sarah's birthday this year she had a very special surprise. Her Uncle Charlie (real name Tim) flew over from Bratislava to visit her for her birthday. She was SO surprised! Before he arrived Sarah and her friends had a fun day at the Mall. They went to Club Libby Lu and made "Potions", then we went to Claires, The Candy Store to buy some BIG lollie pops and then they rode the Carousel. Did I mention all the girl's were 13? They all had a really fun time! After the expedition in the Mall was over we went to Dave & Buster's and had snacks and stuff, this is when Uncle Charlie arrived! After snack we went downstairs and we all played games and stuff for prize tickets. It was a really LONG day. But I think the part that was the most memorable was when Charlie made his special appearance! (We LOVE our Uncle Charlie!)

March was a slow month...Spring Break and not much else. Since Sarah and I are going to Florida this summer we decided to stay home and sleep during Spring Break! Something that she and I can agree on! Sleeping!

April was a busy month! Simon and I took turns going out of town in April. I was gone one week and three days after I came back he left for a week. Simon has his interests (Stocks) and I have mine (Scrapbooking) and well, when we find an event that we want to attend we just make a point to go. I know he wouldn't be interested in going to a Scrapbooking Event, and he knows that I wouldn't be interested in going to a Stock Event, not that he hasn't tried, he has!

Anyway, in April I went to Nashville to attend the Scrap Etc. 2008 Event. It was at the Gaylord Resort in Nashville and I had a wonderful time! I saw some old friends, and made some new! I attended some wonderful classes taught my the Scrap Etc. Teachers and attended more classes taught by Jennin Bowlin, Heidi Swapp, and Wilna Furstenburg. And let me say this, after attending Heidi's class I have come back a changed person. I think it was a combination of her class, the class lecture, and a little chat that I had with her after class that affirmed everything that I had been going through and what I was going through at the time.

Like I said, after I returned home, Simon left to attend one of his events. Sarah and I stayed home. I was going to scrapbook the entire time he was gone and Sarah was going to clean her room, and bead. Guess what we did? NOTHING! Well, she did do some beading and I did do some organizing in my scrapbook room but other than that? NADA, ZIP, ZILCH.

And that brings us up to the present. Have some projects that I have to start, have some projects I have to finish, have some projects that I want to do! So I better say goodbye for now and get busy! But, I think I'll wait until tomorrow cause right now I'm going to bed!

I have to tell you this though...I did make a promise to myself that I would update my blog more often. I mean, if you see someone at a Scrapbooking Event, someone that you don't really know and they ask you why you aren't updating your blog, or when are you going to update you blog...well, when this happens you know it's time to update your blog!

Have a GREAT night!

Until Tomorrow!


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