Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's proving to be a VERY interesting day!

Okay, so some of you might not have agreed with what I just did, and I can live with that.

Yes. I applied for a Design Team Position with "A Company"
No. I never told anyone what "Company" it was with.
No. I did NOT make the Design Team.
Yes. I was offered a Guest Designer Postion for a Month Coming up "After September"

So flash forward to today. I get a phone call.

Yep..asked if I was interested in a "Guest Designer Spot" for later in the year. WOW...didn't know what to say about that one. I mean, I'm NOT good enough for the Design Team, but I'm good enough for a "Guest Designer Spot"? So what do you think I said?

And I repeat...I never said who this "Company" was.


1 comment:

Lyn Meeker said...

Ummm.. You said "Of course, I'd be delighted!" .. because any opportunity to get your work out there could lead to bigger and better things!