Saturday, April 23, 2011


So I've been thinking lately. A lot! lol. Not about stuff like re-decorating my house, or how much gas is, or how to cut my grocery bill in half (even though those are SOME things that I do think about!).

I was thinking about what projects and layout i have done in the past that I really, Really, REALLY liked. So what do you do when you think about things like that? Well I'll tell you what I did and what I'm going to do.

What I did was go to Two Peas In a Bucket and I looked through my entire gallery. There are LOTS of projects and layouts in there that I "like", but there are also some that I REALLY "LIKE".

What am I going to do? Simple. Share them again! I know, I know, it's Easter Weekend and there's SO much other stuff that could be doing, but the house is quiet, Simon and Sarah are gone and all the kitties are sleeping. So I'm going to share!

This is a wall hanging that I made. The photo? Well that's my little girl who is now 16. The hands? that's me. Why is it special to me? It reminds me that once she was SO so tiny...if you saw her now you'd say wow! Well she is 16, but she's also just over six foot tall.

Yes, this photo was staged. I had my cat in on it too! Well it wasn't so hard, after all Joey loved me very much and I asked him if he would sit in the chair for a few minutes so that I could do a "kitty photo shoot". Actually he really couldn't say anything about it because I was going to do it anyway! lol. Why do I love this layout? Joey passed away on my Birthday in 2009. Every picture of him is precious to me! When Joey first came to live with me when he was a kitten he did not like me one bit! But after Skippy, his brother passed away in 2003, I think that Joey knew I needed a friend and that was him! I could go on and on about Joey cat, but I'll say that for another blog post.

These photos were taken of Sarah on THE day that she learned to ride her "Little Mermaid" bike without traning wheels. Her face says it all...she was "Determined". Which is why I LOVE this layout! Don't ask about what happened to the training wheels...I will never live that one down, and my daughter doesn't let me forget what happened either. Maybe I should share that in a later blog post too!

The photos in this layout just sort of happened, which is why I love this project so much! Sarah and I went to the Lake with a neighbor and her son. While the kids were playing in the water, this DragonFly just came over and sat on Sarah's hand, it would sit on her toe, her knee. Whatever was out of the water, the DragonFly went there. It would fly around for a little bit, and then come back to Sarah. And only Sarah.

Every scrapbooker at one point in there scrapbooking decides to do a "Home Sweet Home" sign. And yes, I have done one too. Okay, I've done like five of them, but I think this is my favorite! One color that I do not like at all is Blue. Yes, Blue. I don't like it. But I have to tell you this, my car is blue, my bike is blue, my bathroom used to be blue, and I like to scrapbook with blue. But I don't like blue. So why did I make a "Home Sweet Home" sign with Blue? Beats me, but I love the way it turned out with the black and the cream, and the little birds and jewels and the ribbon. Maybe I should re-think this whole blue thing?

This past year when I went to Creative Escape I took part in a Circle Journal. I wanted to make mine special to me and about something that I really wanted to Journal about and take pictures of things that were special to me. And this is what came out of that thought. The album title was called "Well, Isn't that Special" "5 Random Things". Each person that received my JournaL had to go through there house and find FIVE random things that they had and tell me why they were special to them. The album came back to me when we went to CE in August and let me tell you, everyone loved the subject! And something else came out of this also. It showed me that I really need to make myself a personal album of all the things that I have, not just five, and journal about why they are special and important to me!

These photos are special to me AND to sarah! You see, Sarah LOVES otters. She thinks they are cute and entertaining. One day when Sarah and I went to the zoo she found this little seat that was perfect for her to sit and watch the otters. I think we stayed there in that one exhibit for well over an hour, just watching and wondering. Wondering what the otters were going to do next!

Pooh Bridge was called Pooh Bridge my husband. The jouranl for this layout is hidden under the second photo. It tell the story of going to the Bridge out in the woods and having leaf races with sticks. Okay, so dh is from England, and this was exciting to him (at the time). Me? I just thought it was a pretty place!

You ever have those days where all of a sudden your husband decides to act like a kid? And says, "Hey let's go to the water park?" Well, this was that day! And this is how I documented it! Dh works really hard, and to have him take a day off from work during the summer is really special! And to watch he and dd goof off in the water was really special to me! There are photos on all sides of the cube, showing them in all there goofiness, and having "Fun in the Sun".

So there you have it, just a few of the projects that I have made in the last few years that are truly special to me! Sometimes it's nice to go back and see what you've done, to reminisce and to see a technique (or two) that you used to do and then say to yourself, hey, I wanna do that again!

Now, since the house is still quiet I think I'm going to go and scrapbook a page or two!

Have a Great Weekend!


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Handmade Hannah said...

lovely layouts and that wall hanging is fabulous! I really like your colour tones that you have used throughout :)