Saturday, June 10, 2017

And just like that! It's Summer!


Lemonade Stands....Swimming....Beach....Scrapbooking?

Yes, Scrapbooking.

During the Summer, just like you, i have LOTS of things going on.  But since it's so hot during the day I usually stay inside.  Which means:  Scrapbook Time!

This month for my First Project i decided that it was about time to do a Scrapbook Page!  My Scrap Chick has lots of SVG files that you can use for Scrapbook Pages.  But, did you know that they have Scrapbook page SVG files too?  Well, they do!

Now, before i show you my layout you have remember this.  Each SVG file can be customized to fit your specific project.  Which means, if you don't like the size.  Change it.  What if you don't like the color that i show you in my project?  Change it.  Do you want to add some other items to your page?  Add them!  That's what I LOVE about SVG Files!

So with that being said, here's my latest project:  "Under the Sea"

Here's a close-up of the title, i added Orange Glitter to the words to make it sparkly!  Also, did you look at the fish and the Starfish?  They have googly eyes!  I LOVE googly eyes!

Now, you might look at this layout and think...."eh...that's really simple".  Well change it up!  Add more scallop waives, add metallic paper or glitter paper instead.  Give the Mermaid a makeover and give her red hair instead and make her look like "The Little Mermaid".  SVG files are the best!  Because you can customize! 

Here are the files for the Scrapbook Page: 

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