Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ice Cream? Well almost...

I think one thing that everyone can agree on is that "it's Hot".

Summer has begun and it's hot.

And when it's hot outside, I have a tendency to do a few things that might include going to the pool, or going to sit in Starbucks because it's like a fridge in there or even staying inside my house and closing all the blinds to make it seem cooler to me.

For my Second project for the Month of June I decided to dedicate it to things I love to have as treats in the Summer.  Mainly Ice Cream and an iced Latte' from Starbucks :-)

My First Photo shows all of the items i made.  And guess what!  They aren't just images to use on scrapbook pages....they're cards!  So you can use them for Birthday Invitations, Ice Cream Party Invitations, or you can add a little pocket on the inside and make them Gift Card Holders.  I made the Ice Cream Cone Shaped Card, The Ice Cream Bar Shaped Card (in both Chocolate Covered AND Dreamsickle, and then I made a Latte' Cup Card because I saw that file and thought it was cute!  :-)

Ice Cream Cone Shaped Card and Latte' Cup Card

Ice Cream Bar Card

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David Barnett said...

Deliciously adorable!